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Our promise to you

Client Focus – Our Promise to You

We believe our clients are our most valuable asset. To ensure we deliver an exceptional client experience, we are committed to continuously developing solutions, investing in people, improving processes and measuring service quality.

We aim to provide the highest level of quality and service across our entire portfolio, demonstrating measurable benefits which enable our clients to achieve their business objectives.

Official Feedback Channels:

A number of different channels are available where comments on our performance can be submitted. Immediate feedback can always be given directly to your account manager or service contact.

However, alternative channels that allow clients to give more structured feedback is also available. This allows us to implement wider-reaching service and quality improvements, as well as enabling follow-up on specific items:

  • Annual Relationship Survey: each year in October, we ask all our clients about their overall relationship with Experian. We use the Net Promoter System to measure performance, respond to queries, comments and create a future engagement plan that focuses on meeting clients priorities.
  • Operational Feedback: we may ask clients to share their views on interactions with a specific team or department. For example, if a customer service team has helped resolve a query or issue. This regular feedback helps us to manage our teams more effectively and identify any future training needs.
  • Convenient Feedback Options: we’ve recently created a link enabling clients to provide feedback at any time. You can access this link here.

Regardless of the feedback channel that is chosen, all comments help us to improve our performance and understand how we can optimise our client engagement.

Listening to Our Clients: how your feedback has improved the client experience

1. Hiring the best – You told us that we had high staff turnover and this was impacting relationships. The Hiring the Best initiative ensures we are recruiting the right people for our business and that they receive a consistent Onboarding and Training program from the very outset.

2. Combining the Credit Services and Decision Analytics teams – You told us that you hadn’t heard much about the Credit Bureau, so we have made efforts with our media exposure and have joined two teams who were essentially talking to the same people. This means you will have one Experian expert working directly with you in the future.

3. New Products and Technology – We will soon be launching a new products and our Cross Channel Marketing platform is changing the way you can manage your online customer data. Please speak directly with your relationship manager for more detail about product roadmaps and scheduled new releases.

4. Post-Sales Service – You told us that our post-sales service could be better so we have introduced transactional surveys so you can tell us quickly what we need to do and improve. Sales Operations teams are making customer care calls to ensure you have everything you need to start using our products. We are also expanding our Delivery team which will enable us to deliver your solutions sooner.

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